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Review: Tyburn by Jessica Cale

by Aleen @ Lampshade Reader


Review: Tyburn by Jessica Cale
by Jessica Cale
Series: The Southwark Saga, #1
Also in this series: Broken Things
Published by Liquid Silver Books
on December 8th 2014
Genres: Fiction, Romance, Suspense, Historical, General, Gothic
Pages: 383
Format: e-book, Print
Purchase: Amazon |B&N |Kobo |iTunes
Rating: 5 Stars



Caught between a new love and an old need for revenge, notorious harlot Sally Green fights for survival in Restoration London. A sinister nobleman, a tutor with a secret, danger around every corner, and unbridled passion ... Jessica Cale is pleased to present Tyburn, Book 1 of her new historical romance series, The Southwark Saga.

Sally Green is about to die.

She sees Death in the streets. She can taste it in her gin. She can feel it in the very walls of the ramshackle brothel where she is kept to satisfy the perversions of the wealthy. She had come to London as a runaway in search of her Cavalier father. Instead, she found Wrath, a sadistic nobleman determined to use her to fulfill a sinister ambition. As the last of her friends are murdered one by one, survival hinges on escape.
Nick Virtue is a tutor with a secret. By night he operates as a highwayman, relieving nobles of their riches to further his brother’s criminal enterprise. It’s a difficult balance at the best of times, and any day that doesn’t end in a noose is a good one. Saving Sally means risking his reputation, and may end up costing him his life.

As a brutal attack throws them together, Sally finds she has been given a second chance. She is torn between the tutor and the highwayman, but knows she can have neither. Love is an unwanted complication while Wrath haunts the streets. Nick holds the key to Wrath’s identity, and Sally will risk everything to bring him to justice.

Unless the gallows take her first.

Content Notes: Spicy, Non-Sexual Violence, Spanking, Historical, Gothic, Suspense

“Sally was there the day they hung Claude Duval.”

There was no better way to grab my attention. I was hooked from the first sentence. It’s amazing how a character that was just introduced could evoke an emotion of pity and sadness. Sally, was also a character that seemed real with her strife and position. She is not your typical everyday heroine. A prostitute doesn’t usually have their stories to tell, but Sally’s was important. Such a journey of heartbreak and bad luck that one couldn’t help but read on to see if her ending would end up happy.

Set in England in the 1670s, this is a dark tale about a character who is pimped out by an odious man with a nefarious agenda. As Sally’s story is told, the more endearing her character becomes and it gives insight to why it is so hard for her to turn her life around. One has hope for her character as she meets a mysterious Highwayman (Nick) who ends up being the hero of the story. It’s the turning point for both of these characters and each have their trials to endure and their pasts to over come.

I found that the secondary characters were also well written. Nick’s friends added a bit of humor to the story and I was glad for it. Even the unsavory characters, although cringe worthy, did have their roles. Dare I hope that one of them found their redemption toward the end?

I must confess that when I find a book really dark that it makes me anxious to know what happens to the characters (which in my opinion, makes for a really good story), I do sneak a peak at the ending to make sure that it ends happily. With that comfort, I was able to relax and enjoy the ride.

There was never a dull moment in the storytelling and I found the author’s way of writing very entertaining. This was the first book I’ve read from this author and it did not disappoint.

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