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Review: A Crush on Her Best Friend’s Brother, Part 1 by Sharon Cummin

by Aleen @ Lampshade Reader

A Crush on Her Best Friend's Brother, Part 1 (A Crush on Her Best Friend's Brother Serials)

Review: A Crush on Her Best Friend’s Brother, Part 1 by Sharon Cummin
by Sharon Cummin
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 37
Format: e-book
Purchase: Amazon
Rating: 4 Stars



Warning: This story contains content which is intended for readers over the age of 18.

Previously release as "Taken by Her Best Friend's Brother" under a different name.

Rachel was away for her first year in college. She had remained a virgin all through high school and was tired of waiting for the right one to come along.

Brad was her best friend's brother and two years ahead of her in school. He was tall, muscular, and extremely sexy.

Rachel had a huge crush on Brad when she was younger. He was the one who kissed her for the very first time. When she went to high school, she saw a side of him that she didn't like. He was arrogant and extremely cocky. Being the star of the football team gave him many advantages, and those advantage went straight to his head.

When Brad left for college, Rachel was able to avoid seeing him for two wonderful years. She was thrilled and had no intention of seeing him anytime soon. Home for the Thanksgiving holiday, Rachel hoped she could continue to avoid him.

What if he wouldn't let that happen?

Would all of her feelings come rushing back, or would she remember who he really was?

When faced with the chance of being with the only guy she ever loved, would she give into those old feelings, or would she walk away?

Review of Part 1.

Very steamy, fun read. Full of cute and funny dialogue. Main character seems relatable but yet, a bit unsure of herself and feelings. Rachel goes from hating Brad, to being extremely attracted to him. It would be interesting to see how she progresses and what the future holds for these two.

Their relationship at this point seems like it is only based on physical attraction. Not much relationship or character development yet, but it did keep me interested.

Note: This is a very short read, but being as it’s only part 1 that’s a given.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*

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