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Review: A Crush on Her Best Friend’s Brother, Part 2 by Sharon Cummin

by Aleen @ Lampshade Reader

A Crush on Her Bestfriend's Brother, Part 2

Review: A Crush on Her Best Friend’s Brother, Part 2 by Sharon Cummin
by Sharon Cummin
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 69
Format: e-book
Purchase: Amazon
Rating: 4 Stars



Warning: This story contains content which is intended for readers over the age of 18.

Rachel left for school before Brad had a chance to see her. She couldn't face him after their hot encounter the night before. If she got away from him, she knew she would be able to get back to normal and forget about what they had done. That was exactly what she needed.

Brad had other plans. He began to call and text her each night, and she found herself looking forward to their talks.

How was she going to get him out her mind if they kept talking and flirting with each other?

Was he playing games with her, or had he really changed?

One month later, she was going home for Christmas and had no idea what he was going to say or do. Her best friend was his sister, and that made everything so much harder. She didn't want Karen to find out that she had lost her virginity to him.

When Brad showed up to pick her up at the airport, she knew she was in trouble. He wasn't going to make the week easy for her.

What would Rachel do when her best friend requested that she go on a double date with her?

How would Brad react?

Would Rachel be able to get through the week and back to school with her heart intact and neither of their families finding out about what happened between them?


Review of part 2.

Rachel is still doubting herself and her relationship with Brad. Both are back at school and she secretly believes that he is partying every night and seeing other women. Although they are in contact with each other, their relationship is still pretty new and raw. Brad’s character is still to be known. He does come off as a bit possessive and constantly wants to know where she is. He does seem genuinely concerned for her well being but it sometimes feels like too much.

In this part of the story, the reader realizes that Rachel might be in some sort of predicament. It’s not obvious to the character yet, but we know. I would like to know what she would do with that information. The series is getting a little more interesting as it progresses.

*I received a copy in exchange for an honest review*

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