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Review: Embraced by a Rogue: A Trilogy of Enticing Second Chance Romances by Collette Cameron

by Aleen @ Lampshade Reader

Embraced by a Rogue

Review: Embraced by a Rogue: A Trilogy of Enticing Second Chance Romances by Collette Cameron
by Collette Cameron
Published by Blue Rose Romance LLC
on March 21st 2016
Genres: Fiction, Romance, Historical, Regency, Romantic Comedy
Pages: 348
Purchase: Amazon |B&N |Kobo |iTunes
Rating: 5 Stars



True love deserves a second chance.

One magical night, Fate orchestrates the reunion of three pairs of lovers at the same Regency ball. Beneath a balmy starlit sky, do the wounded rogues and the resilient women who once adored them, dare open their hearts and gamble on love one final time?   
For the first time ever, bestselling, award winning historical romance author Collette Cameron offers A Waltz with a Rogue Novellas #1-3 in an emotionally stirring limited edition collection.

A Kiss for Miss Kingsley: A sweet romance of love relinquished and redeemed as once betrothed Allen Wimpleton and Olivia Kingsley meet again after a three year separation only to discover, their love is stronger than ever. 

Bride of Falcon: A tender tale of enduring love, Bride of Falcon, unites a clumsy noblewoman resigned to spinsterhood with the man she’s loved since girlhood; a penniless soldier who returns to England from India, a disfigured and disillusioned man. 

Her Scandalous Wish: When an obligatory marriage offers turns into an unexpected second chance for love, Viscount Kingsley seizes it, but Philomena’s desperation-borne acceptance forces her to trust the man who betrayed her once already.


A Kiss For Miss Kingsley

This was a lovely short story.

The author has a way of bringing to life each character. It is hard to dislike anyone!(Except Miss Rossington). She makes the reader feel as if they were right there witnessing the events unfolding.

The story takes place at a ball, where the two main characters, Olivia and Allen, already know each other. Three years prior, Allen had proposed to Olivia after a short acquaintance. She declined his offer to elope and asked him to wait a year. His response? “Like bloody hell I will.”

There is plenty of hurt pride to be had between the two of them. However, of course it ends happily ever after.

Bride of Falcon

The author does it again! She has the ability hook me from the first paragraph. The interactions between the characters are very entertaining and it never gets boring. This is a short story and I read it from the Captivated By His Kiss (A Limited Edition Boxed Set of Seven Regency Romances).

The story takes place in London during the 1800s. It is about a woman who is considered a spinster and a man returned from India scarred and disfigured.

Ivy, the spinster, captivates the story from the first page. I was already rooting for her and feeling sorry for her situation. It gets better for her after she runs into Falcon (the man she has feelings for and who has been gone for six years)and the story progresses from there. Our two characters have the classic feelings of “I’m not good enough for him/her” and a lot of mixed signals. It wouldn’t be a story without that! She will eventually live up to the title and becomes the bride of Falcon.

I can always count on the author to make me smile. Her books are the perfect way to cheer me up, because I know they always end happily. It’s like chocolate, after a stressful day, her books are the perfect pick me up.

Her Scandalous Wish

Had me grinning from chapter one. It’s always fun reading this author’s stories A heroine with scars on her body and soul, determined to stay a spinster, Philomena believes that her true love left because of her scars. A horrendous fire that left her homeless, and without parents, her only family left is her brother. However, her brother, sickly and on death’s door, is determined to marry her off before he dies. Philomena is left without any choices. A wish upon a star brings her love back from the past. Only, she doesn’t know that he thought her dead. The dialogue between the characters was fun to read. I loved that the heroine wasn’t perfect. She had insecurities and doubts which made her character endearing. The hero, Bradford (after we find out his good reason for leaving) was honorable, sexy, and sweet. What more can we ask for? Shooting stars start the story with a wish and ends with that wish coming true for both of the characters.

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