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Review & Author Interview: Skid Marks and the Selby Slammers by April Ryder

by Aleen @ Lampshade Reader

Review & Author Interview: Skid Marks and the Selby Slammers by April Ryder

I had such a fun time reading about Hayley and interviewing April Ryder, the author of Skid Marks and the Selby Slammers. The book is available for 99 cents on Amazon right now.

Skid Marks and the Selby Slammers:

Review & Author Interview: Skid Marks and the Selby Slammers by April Ryder
by April Ryder
on March 27, 2016
Genres: Contemporary, Contemporary Romance, Romance
Pages: 182
Format: e-book
Source: ARC
Purchase: Amazon
Rating: 5 Stars



After being dumped by her live-in boyfriend for a blonde stick insect and a job in Wellington, Hayley is tricked into trying out for the local roller derby team—the Selby Slammers. At the tryouts, hilarity ensues when she leaves her mark on not only the rink, but some of the hunky men from the inline hockey team who practice on the next rink over.

Meanwhile, Hayley attempts to pick up what's left of her (love) life but is thwarted at every turn by three men: 1) the surprise return of her ex, 2) Jake, the hunky hockey player, and 3) continually running into Rick the 'Dick' who may or may not have a crazy underwear fetish!

All three seem to be conspiring against her, taking turns causing unexpected problems in her new and very hectic (love) life.

“Adam, I'm gonna kill you. Right after I've finished eating these pancakes—ooh maple-flavoured syrup and berry compote. But after that I'll kill you! And then, I'll find a time machine and kick my own butt, cause damn, am I stupid or what? Nobody answer that!”
— Hayley

Note: This story is set in New Zealand and is therefore written in New Zealand English.

Skid Marks and the Selby Slammers is the full length novelised version of the first four instalments in the Skid Marks serial.


This was the first book about Roller Derby that I have read and I must say that I’m glad I gave it a try. I couldn’t put this story down because it was hilarious. I loved all of the characters especially Hayley. She was ridiculously scandalous and endearing at the same time. It felt like Hayley was speaking to me through the story, truly narrating it if the reader is sitting there with her and her BFF Adam. The dialogue was light and entertaining and the story line as funny as it could get with three men trying to vie for the attentions of one woman.

I loved that Hayley wasn’t the perfect “model” looking girl. She had curves and she was not ashamed of it either. She had a delightfully shocking personality with a penchant for giving showers male names and personalities. Throughout the story Hayley kept me on my toes with her drama and her growth as a character. She gains the confidence boost that she needs from joining the Selby Slammers, for her ex and her mom are definitely negative influences in her life.

Her love for pancakes, men, and showers make her lovable and make me interested in reading the rest of her story. This is just four of the original novellas put together. Her love life is still up in the air, so I can’t wait to see who she ends up with. I’m really crossing my fingers and hoping it will be Rick the Dick.

*I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review*

skid marks teaser


One of the things I found funny were the names of each of the Roller Derby ladies. What do you think they would call you?

I have no idea. That’s a really tough question. I have compiled a list of names I came up with that I can just throw in there when needed and I’m looking at that now to see if anything would suit me. Maybe Tease and Crackers or Whinger Spice. I think my husband would agree with both of them. He thinks I’m a tease and I whinge a lot. Although I think I’d like a more aggressive name like Admiral Painway—a play on Admiral Janeway from Star Trek: Voyager—but I don’t think I have the personality to carry it off.

I’ve always wanted to see Roller Derby in action. How much research did you do? and was there any hands on experience?

Not as much as I should have. For example the covers I have for the first four installments of Skid Marks (the book was originally written as a serial) had images of roller skates that are definitely not worn in Derby. This was pointed out to me by an actual Roller Derby girl. A real cringeworthy moment for me as an author but she was the only person who has mentioned it so far. It really is hard finding suitable stock photos for covers.

As for hands on experience, what little experience I have is roller skating as a kid and teen. I’m sure if I got back on skates now it would be just as harrowing for me as when I got back on a bike. Other than watching some Roller Derby I used some GoogleFu to look up and clarify a few things. I just hope I managed to capture the whole derby experience from being a spectator to a participant.

Hayley is big and beautiful but yet insecure. If you were an influential person in her life, what advice would you give her?

Ummm… *spoken to Hayley* ignore what your mother says. Sure she loves you but just like you she doesn’t think before she speaks. Besides you have how many hot guys throwing themselves at your feet? They’re attracted to you, your charming personality and your luscious curves!

Anyone who read this story will find out Hayley’s deep love for pancakes. Do you have any food fetishes?

Well I don’t tend to mix food with sex if that’s what you’re getting at but I do like food. There is nothing like savouring a food or dish that is packed with flavour. Right now I seem to be fixated on nachos and hashbrowns—not together though as I don’t mix my savoury and sweet. My husband is currently tolerating me buying a different kind of hashbrown each time we go to the supermarket. I’m looking for the perfect one. And yeah, I quite like pancakes too 😛

Since these were released in parts, how many books do you plan in this series?

Eight parts in total, ranging from One Skid Mark to Eight Skid Marks. Parts one to four are in Skid Marks and the Selby Slammers and the next three parts will then be novelized in Skids Marks and the Auckland Assassins. The final installment will be novel length… hopefully. Oh and once it’s all completed I will be writing His Skid Marks from the men’s point of view, just to fill in any gaps and to answer important questions like: what was Rick really doing with Hayley’s underwear, or what is the cause behind Jake and Rick’s violent dislike of each other. And if there is enough interest maybe I’ll write a Hello Kilty spin-off!

Thanks April! I can’t wait to read more in this series, especially about Hello Kilty!

about the author


Rock star, catwalk model, ventriloquist–April Ryder is none of these things. She is, however, a BBW housewife looking to spice up her life with her hardworking and supportive BBM (is that even a thing?) husband. April enjoys living on the beach and plans to further explore her sexy, sensual side writing romance.

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