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ARC Review: My Immortal Cowboy (Hell’s Cowboys Book 1) by Victoria Zak

by Aleen @ Lampshade Reader

My Immortal Cowboy

ARC Review: My Immortal Cowboy (Hell’s Cowboys Book 1) by Victoria Zak
by Victoria Zak
Series: Hell's Cowboys #1
on June 16th 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Fiction, Paranormal, Romance, Short Stories (single author)
Format: e-book
Source: ARC
Purchase: Amazon
Rating: 5 Stars



Will you be ready to serve when Hell’s Cowboys come for you?

There’s a new sheriff in town. With his coven torn apart by corruption, vampire Roman McCoy leads a posse deep underground to prepare for the battle of their lives. His newest recruit, cowboy RC Reid dies after a bull ride and awakens to a new world with vampire benefits. He now could be the key to taking down the vampire king of Diablo, Texas. Torn between the fanged advantages of his new life and the memories of his old one, there’s one thing RC can’t leave behind, Charlee.

Charlee Brysen lost everything the day a bull killed the only man she’ll ever love. But that’s not the only thing that vanished, so did her dreams for college. Now she’s about to lose her family ranch and will do anything to save it. Stripping for cash, her life is flipped upside down when RC waltzes into her club and demands a lap dance. Besides being dead, there’s another little problem; he has fangs!

As the King of Diablo tightens his icy grip on the coven, Charlee’s life hangs in the balance. RC must save her, but will their love be stronger than blood?

ARC Romance Vampire Western


An interesting start turns into so much more. RC greets the readers full of energy and life. Immediate action from page one. He contemplates on his past love and thinks about the buckle bunny that sashays past him. RC is on a mission and he won’t let the bull that he’s sitting on get in the way. Until it does.

It’s not everyday one reads about the main character dying, but he does. In a kind of a humorous twist of fate, RC thinks he’s in hell. RC is a your typical cowboy. Stubborn is probably the best way to state his character. Unbelieving (and who could blame him?) of the fact that he is half vampire and now immortal. He is greeted by the Hell’s Cowboys, which personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing if I got trampled by a bull. His interactions with the other vamps are endearing and full of camaraderie. Typical male aggression.

I had a smile on my face reading this story especially since the characters are less than perfect. When Charlee is introduced, I had a giggle. Now a stripper for a heroine is my kind of gal! She’s spunky and yet sweet at the same time. Her past dictates her profession, so one does feel sorry for her. She’s not skanky. She loses everything she held dear, especially RC and she needs to make ends meet.

I liked her inner monologue, although I wished there were more of it. The scenes where she comes face to face with RC again and when she finds out his secret are the best. Character POV’s do change quite frequently and the reader will even get a glimpse into the villain’s mind as well. This is short read, but really enjoyable. There is a lot of action. It is a story that will leave you hanging at the end, so if you don’t like serials then it may bother you. But I can be patient and wait for book 2 to arrive.

*I received an ARC of this book in exchange of an honest review*

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