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ARC Review: King’s Knight by Regan Walker

by Aleen @ Lampshade Reader

The giddy excitement that I get from reading a Regan Walker novel carries over until the last page. I absolutely love her stories and her ability to cast a spell over the reader, especially me. King’s Knight by Regan Walker follows the story of the Red Wolf’s cub, Alex. A knight in his own right, he must fight for duty and honor. He might also find himself defying his King. Read the rest of my review below.

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

King's Knight

ARC Review: King’s Knight by Regan Walker
by Regan Walker
Series: Medieval Warriors #4
Also in this series: Rebel Warrior (Medieval Warriors #3)
on October 11th 2016
Genres: Fiction, Historical Romance, Medieval, Romance
Pages: 253
Purchase: Amazon
Rating: 5 Stars




Dubbed the Black Wolf for his raven hair, his fierceness in battle and his way with women, Sir Alexander of Talisand attacked life as he did the king’s enemies. But acclaim on the battlefield and his lusty escapades did not satisfy. King William Rufus would bind him to Normandy through marriage to one of its noblewomen, but the only woman Alexander wanted was a commoner he had saved from a terrible fate.


The shame of being the child of a Norman’s rape dogged Merewyn’s steps from her youth. Determined never to be a victim of a man’s lust like her mother, in Wales she donned the garb of an archer and developed extraordinary skill with a bow. Despite her fair beauty, men now keep their distance. No longer in need of protection from other men, can Merewyn protect herself from Alexander when he holds her heart yet can never be hers?

ARC Historical Romance

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Lately, I’ve been having fun discovering quirky characters in stories. If you like those too, you will find it in King’s Knight, actually he plays a role in the Medieval Warriors series. Maugris, a seer, with visions and prophecies, will prove vital to both Alex and Merewyn. I can’t help but like him especially since he’s described like this: “The old one’s face could be both ancient and ageless, as if he had been born with silver hair and skin wrinkled from the sun. But as ancient as he looked, Maugris’ pale blue eyes sparkled with the excitement of youth.”

Listen to Maugris

“The wolf’s cub will wander, ever restless, until the wolf rampant flies above the red heart.”


That little prophecy was directed to Alex (Who, incidentally is called the Black Wolf 😉 ). Of course Maugris never goes into much detail as it is up to the person to figure it out. I love these little tidbits throughout the story, it makes for enjoyable reading.

Our little cub, is duty bound to his King and on his return home, he finds that the little girl he used to protect grew up to be a beautiful woman who can take care of herself. Their love story is a sweet one. Her protector becomes her lover and it induced quite a few sighs from me.

She speaks to her bow.

Merewyn is cute. Her hardships as a child taught her to become strong and protect herself. She learns how to use a bow and carries it around with her. She even speaks to it. Well, she doesn’t have conversations with it, but she speaks to it as if it were a pet. I felt that the bow was a crutch. So of course, Maugris steps in and imparts some wisdom to help her break free.

“Remember, the archer controls the bow and not the bow the archer.”

We don’t see the traditional baddies in this story, just one instance of rivalry between Merewyn and another woman vying for Alex’s attention.

The sweet almost bittersweet love between Merewyn and Alex is what keeps the story going. Alex’s strong and open minded family brings them closer together and helps forge the happily ever after that will reward the reader in the end.

Just a little note…

I personally started this series out of order (I began with book #2).  It’s not necessary, but I do feel that reading the first book in the series, The Red Wolf’s Prize, will make it more cohesive and the further out of sync you get the harder it will be to understand the complex characters and storyline. There are no cliffhangers.


About Regan Walker

Regan Walker is an award-winning, #1 bestselling author of Regency, Georgian and Medieval romances. She has six times been featured on USA TODAY's HEA blog and four times nominated for the prestigious RONE award (her novel, The Red Wolf's Prize, won Best Historical Novel for 2015 in the medieval category; To Tame the Wind is a finalist in 2016). Regan writes historically authentic novels with real historical figures along with her fictional characters. Her readers experience history, adventure and love.

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Regan Walker

Aleen, I am thrilled you liked Sir Alexander’s story! and I thank you for a marvelous review. I count it a privilege to have readers such as you!


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