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Review: Fat Fridays (Fat Fridays Group Book 1) by Judith Keim

by Aleen @ Lampshade Reader

Fat Fridays

Review: Fat Fridays (Fat Fridays Group Book 1) by Judith Keim
by Judith Keim
Published by Lake Union Publishing
on November 8th, 2016
Genres: Contemporary Fiction, Contemporary Women, Women's Fiction
Pages: 318
Format: e-book
Source: NetGalley
Purchase: Amazon |B&N
Rating: 3 Stars



When Sukie’s husband shacks up with her Pilates instructor, her domestic drama becomes the talk of her small Georgia town. Friends from her married life prove fickle, and Sukie hides at home, terrified of encountering the town gossips at the grocery store. Betsy, Sukie’s neighbor, invites her to join “Fat Fridays,” a weekly gathering at a local café where the women order whatever they crave—no calories counted. Over sausage pizza and sage advice, Sukie gets a grip on her new life and learns to love her freedom.

Judith Keim’s warm, funny novel offers moving glimpses into each of the five women’s very different lives. As they struggle to deal with cruel exes, frustrating families, and forbidden love, the women offer one another the kind of friendship that is as rich and nurturing as their Friday feasts.

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Fat Fridays by Judith Keim is a fun, quick read that follows the lives of 5 women who form a strong bond over the course of the story. Their ups and downs really felt like riding a roller coaster. These women could not catch a break! What started off as a group that indulges in great food once a week, turned into a solidarity and support system.



Each chapter highlights the comings and goings of each of the women. It’ll say whose POV you are reading. However, Sukie becomes the main character throughout the story and the one character that all the other women go to for advice or spirit lifting. Some of the chapters were short and didn’t seem like enough info to merit what was going on. Since all of these women have different personalities, I want to talk about them in sections.


I liked this character. She really was the rock that balanced the story and made it enjoyable. Like I mentioned before, hers is the POV that you will read the most. Recently divorced, soon to be grandmother, Sukie finds that instead of winding down on her life, she starts a new adventure. Forbidden love (not really but since she lives in such a narrow minded small town, her new relationship is frowned upon) is the key point in her story; Oh, and an butthole ex-husband constantly revolve around her life.

Carol Anne:

Spare me from this character. Probably the one I disliked the most. She asks for advice, and when it’s given she doesn’t heed it. Her naivety/stubbornness/shallowness is almost too annoying. She wants a rich, handsome boyfriend to take her out of the situation she has going with her parents. I would have felt some sympathy over that part, but her personality left me rolling my eyes a lot.

“The only man she’d really liked-in every way but one-was John, the insurance guy. He was cute, he had a nice car, and he didn’t mind spending money.”


In an abusive relationship, Tiffany asked for advice a lot. I felt that she wasn’t taken seriously and I really felt sorry for her. It was obvious how un happy she was but no one seemed to step up and relieve the situation, until it came up to the boiling point. Don’t get me wrong: I think her friends cared for her, but I guess they didn’t think it was that serious. Gosh, that family she married into is a nightmare and had me cringing and worrying about Tiffany’s well being.


A constant mystery. A woman afraid of her past. Betsy’s story takes a while to develop, but it adds a certain suspense to the plot. She had quirky and sassy sayings, but also an underlying sense of sadness seemed to envelope her. I enjoyed having her story unravel.


Another one of the ladies that is having family problems. Her Daughter in Law is the nightmare and Lynne finds herself on the persona non grata list. Her story pulled at the heartstrings. She just wanted to follow her own heart and the whole narrow mindedness of the small town they live in, comes into play here.


A little note:

This is book one in the series and should be read first.

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