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Review and Spotlight: Captivated by the Captain by Amanda Mariel

by Aleen @ Lampshade Reader

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

Captivated by the Captain

Review and Spotlight: Captivated by the Captain by Amanda Mariel
by Amanda Mariel
Series: Fabled Love #2
on December 1st 2016
Genres: Historical Romance, Romance
Pages: 96
Format: e-book
Source: ARC
Purchase: Amazon
Rating: 4 Stars



What happens when an American heiress to a shipping company crosses paths with a pirate?

Miss Prudence Drake desires nothing more than to return to America and pick up the pieces of her life. After being held captive on the Black Dawn and witnessing her papa's murder, the last thing she wants is to find herself in the hands of another pirate-even if he is handsome and honorable.

Captain Jasper Blackmore has forsaken his past, walking away from England's shores in search of a new adventure after the war left him physically scarred and jilted by the one lady he dared to love. An American hoyden could never fit into his world despite his attraction to her.

Can two people whose life paths are at odds find common ground?

ARC Historical Romance


Pirates. Give me more pirates! Captivated by the Captain by Amanda Mariel is a short, but emotionally packed read. It’s basically good vs bad pirates and Prudence has to figure out which one she has ended up with.


(Okay, maybe not exactly like these two, although that would be fun too 😀 )

Poor Pru, it’s no wonder why she doesn’t trust Jasper when she meets him. Pirates cannot be trusted; certainly not a handsome one. After witnessing her father’s demise at the hands of ruthless pirates, Pru pegs all under the same category. After being rescued by Jasper, the story focuses on their relationship and the hurdles they both have to overcome. Trust. It’s always about trust. She can’t trust him, he can’t trust her basically because she’s a female. A female broke his heart a long time ago after all.

Jasper, the scarred hero ( I love me some scarred heroes), had a more involved past. He brought the most substance to the table and I enjoyed his failed attempts to be exasperated with Prudence. Yes, she’s gorgeous and doesn’t realize that her looks will distract his pirate crew.

“There is nothing about me that warrants distraction. I am quite certain you are mistaken.”

Really Pru? Really? I had to roll my eyes at that statement. She somehow could not grasp the fact that a pirate crew could act untoward. Besides the fact that she was captured by the worst kind before this.

Other than this, I loved their love story. It was a sweet, headbutting, love that is always amusing to read.

A little note…

Can be read as a standalone.


At the rustle of a key turning in the lock, she let go of the map and turned in the chair to face the entrance. The door swung open and Jasper stared at her. She fought the urge to look away but, instead, met his gaze. It would not kill her to be amiable. Perchance it may even benefit her. “Thank you for sending me the change of clothes.”

“The ship’s gunner will mend your gown so you have it when you depart.”

“That is not necessary. Discard it.” She smiled at the surprise her words ignited in his ice blue eyes. Had he expected her to be vexed over her new wardrobe?

“As you wish.” He leaned his hip on the edge of the desk.

“Can you tell me where we are exactly?” She pointed to America on the map. “I would like to know how far I am from home.”

He glanced from her to the document. “You know how to read maps?”

“I am an educated woman, Captain.”

He chuckled. “I do not doubt it, and, as I told you previously, you have leave to call me Jasper when we’re alone.” A mild irritation laced his voice.

She nodded but had no intention of ever using his given name. The act was far too intimate. He was a pirate for God’s sake. She had no desire to befriend him. Pirates murdered her father and Louisa. She traced the puckered scar on his cheek with her gaze. Had he received any new injuries saving her?

Captain Blackmore murdered the pirates who captured her—avenged her father and rescued her. He risked his life in battle. Still, she could not allow herself to see him as more than the enemy, not even if she wished to.

“It has been my experience that women generally do not read maps. Who taught you?” He opened a drawer and retrieved a bottle of amber-colored liquid along with two glasses.

She watched as he poured some into a glass all the while attempting to decide whether she should answer his question. It would not do for a pirate to know she was a wealthy shipping company owner. She certainly could not allow him to discover that her company was without protection. He must not learn of her father’s death. If he did her company would be vulnerable to him and his crew.

Jasper offered her a glass. “Thirsty?”

“No.” She held up a hand in protest. “Thank you.”

He pressed the glass into her hand anyway. “Have a little. After the day you’ve had, I am sure you are parched. Besides, spirits are good for drowning one’s sorrows.”

She accepted and took a small sip. The liquor burned down her throat but she did not choke on it. “What is it?”

“Brandy. Have you never drank it before?”

“No. I have had watered down wine and champagne on occasion, but Papa never allowed me liquor. It is not proper for a lady to imbibe in stronger drinks, but then I do not suppose a pirate would care about propriety.” Emboldened, she took another sip before setting the glass aside. “Now answer my question. Where are we?”


About Amanda Mariel

Bestselling author Amanda Mariel dreams of days gone by when life moved at a slower pace. She enjoys taking pen to paper and exploring historical time periods through her imagination and the written word. When she is not writing she can be found reading, crocheting, traveling, practicing her photography skills, or spending time with her family.


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