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Sunday Post #37: Time Keeps on Slippin’…

by Aleen @ Lampshade Reader

Welcome back to the Sunday Post! Sit back, kick up your feet, and relax!


The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog.

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Can we seriously figure out how to slow down time just a little? We’re almost halfway though with June already and my to-do list is not dwindling at all.

We’re still dealing with the aftermath of the storm from Memorial Day weekend. Turns out we have to file the claim on my neighbor’s tree that fell in our backyard. Someone is coming out on Monday to check it out. Today, a pool repairman came out to fix our pump. For real, we have a swamp pool right now. This is the third time that something like that has happened. I’m never wanting a pool again.


I know I’m late to the party but I totally love Once Upon A Time (no spoilers please!) I’m still on season 1. Yes, I know, you’re probably thinking: “Where the hell have you been!?”.  My hubby has been watching old Tales From the Crypt too and I forgot how cheesy good they are.



One the reading front, I couldn’t get out my review for Addicted to the Duke yet, but I have it ready to be posted sometime next week. I’m almost finished with The Cajun Doctor by Sandra Hill and I’m loving it. That review will be out next Friday with a giveaway so be sure to check that out.

Well actually, this will be the next book that I’ll be starting.

No review copies this week, aren’t you proud of me? I really need to catch up on my current commitments.


Incoming Posts

  • Blog Tour: The Fortune Teller
  • Review: Addicted to the Duke
  • Comparing Covers
  • Splash into Summer Giveaway Hop
  • Review & Giveaway: The Cajun Doctor

How was your week? Read any good books lately?

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Sorry you have to file a claim and all that! What a pain! Hopefully you will get some time to just relax and read! #getsocial17


I’m with you on finding someone to slow down time. I feel like the days are flying by and I am getting nothing accomplished that I had on my list for this year!

Angela @ Angel's Guilty Pleasures

Sorry you to-do list keeps going instead of dwindling. I agree this year is flying bye. Have a wonderful week and happy reading!


I love Shalvis – she’s perfect for summer reading.

For What It’s Worth

Tanya @ Girl Plus Books

Ugh, sorry to hear that you’re still dealing with storm damage, Aleen. Hope the claim process goes smoothly.
Hooray for no added review copies! 🙂


that shalvis cover is adorbs

Lily B

Time is moving fast and at times not fast enough D: not sure whats happening with this summer.. climate change I guess. It’s been kind of weird.
Anywho. I hope you are enjoying at least some of it. It’s been raining a lot here too, but things are finally starting to dry out.
Hope you are enjoying your next read 😀

herding cats & burning soup

Oh my gosh. What a mess. Hope things move quickly with the insurance company! And that the pool starts cooperating. I’m with ya. Moving CRAZY fast. The to do list problem here, too. lol

Mary Kirkland

I love Once Upon A Time. Such a great show.


I’ve only seen a few episodes of Once Upon A Time but they were good. I should watch more. And Tales from the Crypt- lol. I remember the old creepshow movie they made.

And yeah time needs to slow the heck down!

Laurel-Rain Snow

I have been meaning to read something by Jill Shalvis. Lost and Found Sisters sounds tempting.

Enjoy your week, and thanks for sharing. Here are MY WEEKLY UPDATES

Tanya @ Rantings of a Reading Addict

Yes, this year is going so incredibly fast and it feels like I’m not getting anywhere with things. #GetSocial17

Grace @ Rebel Mommy Book Blog

Yes time is moving way too fast! Wow sounds like you have a lot going on and hope the tree thing gets sorted. I need to start Lost and Found Sisters soon too. Have a great week!

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