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A Love/Hate Review of 13 Ways to Midnight by Rue Volley

by Aleen @ Lampshade Reader

13 Ways to Midnight by Rue Volley promises all of the good things associated with a mystery, supernatural themes, and Young Adult. What I got instead was a story that was trying just a little bit hard to be like Twilight. Granted, the theme of vampires was a little bit more subdued and there are no shifters. It’s just the forced romantic theme that irked me.


13 Ways to Midnight

(Book 1)

13 Ways to Midnight by Rue Volley

Why I have a love/hate relationship with this book:


Let’s start with the positives first:

  1. The overall theme. It just sounded too tempting to pass up. Echo losing her twin sister to a mysterious fog in some tropical jungle, while witnessing said “death” sounds like the perfect set up to a mystery-slash-PTSD plot.
  2. The heroine has underlying issues of PTSD that she’s trying really hard to surpass, but it’s the weakness that we all have within us that makes her a semi-relatable character.
  3. The cover. Yes, I admit, the cover did influence the purchase of this book. No judging please.
  4. Aunt Luna. Quite possibly the less annoying of all the characters. There has to be at least one to balance the scales, right? The cool Aunt who just wants to take care of Echo and somehow fill the void of never having a child of her own.
  5. Witchcraft? Among the many Fantasy type characters that could possibly be in one book, there is a hint of witches and witchcraft. Cool.
  6. LGBT positive. Not the main character but there were secondary same sex characters that started dating each other. I really liked that it was not all cliched straight couples.

“Beautiful things can be treacherous, Echo.”

  1. The.plot.was.all.over.the.place. Vampires, witches, demons, the veil, love triangles? I often asked myself what the heck was going on. It raised more questions than it answered really. Port Royal is one f’d up place, really.
  2. The romance. Thorn was basically a thorn in my side. Okay, we all know (except for Echo, who should have known when he bit her neck that he was one) that you’re a vampire. You must be invited inside (she never really questioned him about that, he asked her quite a lot), but what was that insta-love-attraction thing? At first I thought maybe he compelled her to be obsessed with him, but then he became obsessed too, and blah blah blah. It just did not seem real/believable. Echo got really annoying with her Thorn thoughts.
  3. The constant biting of the plump limp thing. If I read about plump lips one more time…..
  4. What happened to the proofreader? I really don’t ding authors on this, but it seemed to me like the proofreader took a nap during the last 3rd of the book. Typos that usually would not bother me seemed to pop up a few times on one page.
  5. Cliffhanger. Yep, the dreaded cliffhanger. I felt utterly unsatisfied with the ending. None of my questions seemed answered. I understand that this is a series, but none of the story’s current themes were resolved. Meh.
  6. Shallow characters. I wished I could have become more invested in the many intriguing, but not developed enough, personalities.

Overall, I might get the next book in the series just out of curiosity.

My Rating


13 Ways to Midnight

A Love/Hate Review of 13 Ways to Midnight by Rue Volley
by Rue Volley
Series: The Midnight Saga #1
Published by Vamptasy Publishing
on February 3, 2017
Pages: 269
Format: Print
Source: Bought
Purchase: Amazon
Rating: 3 Stars



You'll never miss the sunlight until it's gone.

Sixteen-year-old Echo Navarri, daughter of world-famous archaeologists, Alice and Peter Navarri, had spent her life traveling from one expedition to the next as her parents unearthed lost civilizations.

On their thirteenth dig, Midnight, Echo's twin sister, disappears without a trace. This prompts a year-long search that leaves the family nearly broken.

In an attempt to find some closure they reluctantly host a mock funeral for Midnight without ever recovering her remains.

Nearing the one year anniversary of Midnight's assumed death, Echo is sent to live with her eccentric Aunt Luna who is the caretaker of the centuries old Navarri Estate in Port Royal, Maine.

Echo attempts to settle into her new life in Port Royal, but soon finds that she's destined for adventure as the mystery of her family's history, the sunless town, and its oddly intriguing people teeter on the supernatural.

Fantasy Romance Series Vampire Young Adult


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Are you guilty of purchasing books based on covers, or is it just me?


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Angie Elle

Ugh…I HATE it when I get sucked in enough for a series I don’t really care for to read the second book. It rarely pays off for me. No judgement here – I totally would have been sucked in by this cover!

Great review.

Mary Kirkland

Pump lips…LOL Omg that was funny. Cliffhanger…why, just why? That stops me in my tracks every time. Unless the book sounds great, awesome and fantastic…I won’t even try it because of that cliffhanger.

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