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Review Clean Up #1: A Smorgasbord of Genres

by Aleen @ Lampshade Reader

Review Clean Up 1

To all the books I’ve read and forgotten, this review post is for you. Review Clean Up is a way for me to write the reviews that need to be written in mini review format. There is no definite genre that I’m sticking to with this, it’s just a way for me to feel vindicated and kind of get these off my chest.


White Trash Zombie Apocalypse

What more can I say about Angel? Rather, how much more can I say about her character and how much she grows on me every time I delve into this wonderful series.


I listen to this series in audiobook format, which I highly recommend. Allison McLemore, brings the southern twang without being cringey and cliche’. However, I did notice that 3/4 of the way through this book it sounded like the narrator had a cold and Angel’s character sounded stuffy.


I did enjoy the plot of this book a lot. The whole movie set zombie idea with real life zombies thrown in the mix was fun and suspenseful. Angel really has the worst luck and it is turned up to the max in this one. As far as the romance goes, it was not hot and heavy. Not complaining, because I really think Angel does not need that right now.

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My rating:

4 star rating

Black Butler Vol. 2

Black Butler vol 2Ah, Sebastian. He’s one hell of a butler after all. I’m currently watching the anime along with the Manga series. (Although TBH, I’m way behind on the Manga version). I have to say that I love it. Such a unique concept of a demon butler taking “care” of a young Earl during the Victorian Era. Quite a lot to take in but the story isn’t so hard to grasp.


In volume 2, they are still trying to figure out Jack the Ripper’s identity and a fun, but creepy little snafu happens to Ciel. Towards the end of this volume is a sad realization and the moment where I thought that this was a great Manga. Full of surprises, laughs, fantasy, and food. Yes, the food still is prominent. I want all of it.

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My rating:

4 star rating

Monstress Vol. 2

monstress vol. 2The story building in this graphic novel is vast and amazing. Lots of Fantasy elements but a little bit of a hard read in terms of the history of Maika Halfwolf’s world.

In the previous volume, Maika discovers a beast/Monstrum within her. Quite hard to control, it takes over her body and kills anything around her. It is able to speak to her and in this volume more backstory about the Monstrum is given. Maika’s journey to find out the truth about what’s going on and her quest to find out about her late mother reveals some unpleasant truths.


To be honest, I’m not 100% invested in this story. I do find the art beautiful and the secondary characters interesting, but it’s a little bit too much to swallow all at once. I might come back to this series, but there is so much information packed within one volume that it might be hard to remember what’s going on.


I found that when I read the first volume, I absolutely loved it. However, for some reason, I can’t really relate to this one.


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My rating:

Northanger Abbey

Northanger Abbey An Audible Original DramaCan’t go wrong with a classic. It had been awhile since I’ve read Northanger Abbey, so it was a treat to hear the audiobook version narrated by Emma Thompson. She does a lovely job and so do the other voice actors.

I forgot how much Catherine is an annoying character. Annoying, but yet funny. Her overreactions in this story is really what makes it a great read. A tongue-in-cheek Jane Austen that makes fun of Gothic novels. I totally get it.

I loved the sound effects in the audiobook, but at times the background noises were a bit overwhelming. All in all this was a great rendition and one that I would listen to again.


My rating:

4 star rating


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Angie Elle

I have not kept up with reviews this year, and I am contemplating a similar post to catch up.

I am glad to see you still like the White Trash Zombie series. That’s the one that’s next for me (I’m also listening,) and I am really enjoying it.

I love the idea of a demon butler, but I’m not sure manga is for me.


I started doing mini reviews to catch up with the review backlog. But currently I am using these mini reviews mainly for reviewing non fiction!

Gayathri @ Elgee Writes

Mary Kirkland

I haven’t read any of those.


I think I’m a little behind on reviews, but nothing too bad, which is good because sometimes it gets crazy. LOL I really need to read Monstress and The Black Butler.


Crystal @ Lost in Storyland

White Trash Zombie Apocalypse. I love the artwork to Monstress. I might check it out just because of the art.

I haven’t kept up well with reviews this year. I read 100 books but don’t have quite that many posts on my blog, LOL. I’ll probably have to make some review compilation posts for the books that I want to feature.

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