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My New Year’s Blog Resolutions 2019

by Aleen @ Lampshade Reader

my new years blog resolution 2019


I’m usually not big on New Year’s resolutions personally, but I couldn’t help but wonder if setting some for the blog might keep me motivated.

These last couple of years have been hard on me and my blog has suffered as a result. So call them goals, resolutions, bucket lists, whatever. If I remember about this post at the end of the year, I’ll put up a follow up.


1. Writing more original posts.

I’ve always had ideas come to me. I may even start writing posts for them, but some where along the way, I lose touch with it or I’m just too lazy to sit down and write them. So this year, I want keep them up. Whether it’s my Comparing Covers feature, my bullet journaling feature, etc.

2. Accepting less ARCs with time crunches.

It’s something I’ve been saying all year. Part of the blogging blues has to do with either deadlines to read certain books or just genre wipe out. It was fun in the beginning but the novelty of a advanced reader copy has kind of worn off. I still appreciate them for what they’re worth, but I don’t clamber to them as often anymore.

3. Commenting and visiting other blogs more.

Boy has that gone to the way side. Sorry folks, I’ll make it a plan to try and comment and visit more often. I’m still pretty busy with the house move, but I haven’t forgotten, promise. 🙂

4. Setting up that darn shop.

I was working on it with Woocommerce, but I did not like the added fees for certain features (that are really needed). So I gave up on them. I might just go with Etsy in the interim. We’ll see.

5. Reading more books.

That’s also dwindled for me. Partly, because of genre wipe out which I mentioned above. I was really into Historical Romance, but got so tired of it. I’ll still read but not as much. I’ve been branching out into YA and Fantasy. But mostly, books that have been sitting in my TBR pile for a long time. Another reason is because I’ve taken up gaming again, but really it’s all about balance.

Well, that’s all I can think of. Hopefully I can keep these resolutions.

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Have you set up any blog resolutions/goals for this year?

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I do have a variety of goals for my personal life AND the blog, but I’ll be sharing those on my blog soon. I hope that you do continue sharing your bullet journal posts. I think those are fun!


trin carl

Great goals. ‘Setting up the Shop’ might be one of the biggest challenges but it could have some great rewards for social networking and entrepeneur goals(sp?) Good luck! My biggest goals are to visit more friends this year. Trying not to turn down requests for invitations. I think this brings out my true self and I want NO excuses in this department this year.


Commenting on blogs is one of my challenges this year and I am proud of my blog hopping last year. All the best on your resolutions.

Grace @ Rebel Mommy Book Blog

Great goals! I hear you on ARCs. They are great but it is nice t not have to worry about having to read something. Good luck!

Mary Kirkland

Good luck with your goals.

Tanya @ Girl Plus Books

Good luck with your goals, Aleen! I basically cut out arcs last year and was so much happier for it. I think I had maybe 3 in the last half of the year. I got tired of reading on someone else’s schedule. It feels great to read whatever I feel like, when’re I feel like. 🙂

Aj @ Read All The Things!

Good luck! Commenting is always a huge struggle. I try to make time for it every day, but it’s hard.


Yeah, it’s all about balance, but it’s so hard to find it and keep it! Better time-management and branching out successfully are on my ‘unofficial’ list for this year.

Crystal @ Lost in Storyland

I can relate to a lot of this! I’ve experienced the burnout from ARC review deadlines and feeling disillusioned with a genre that I used to love a lot (YA). Though I’m also beginning to realize that my reading tastes are shifting more towards general fantasy fiction. I also want to write more original posts, not just post reviews on my blog. I’m not exactly sure what it’ll look like, but for now I’m going to try in the general direction of more discussion posts. I’d also like to post on my blog and comments on other blogs more regularly.… Read more »

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