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5 Tips If You’re a Procrastiblogger

by Aleen @ Lampshade Reader


The procrastiblogger strikes again! Or that she thought about striking again, but she um… put it off. I’ve finally put together a follow up post to 5 Signs You’re a Procrastiblogger, with help from a couple of blogger friends.

5 Tips If You’re A Procrastiblogger

To recap:


Noun. [proh-kras-tuhblawg-ger]

1. A blogger who puts off posts until the last minute. OR: Crap, I didn’t write any posts for this week, blogger.

2. Flying by the seat of their pants blogger.

3. Oh darn, that review is due tomorrow, blogger.


Whether you really are a procrastiblogger or just need some more tips on how to stay organized with your blog, these might help.

1. Using a planner

Shooting Stars MagLauren over at shootingstarsmag.net says: My biggest tip for staying organized is to use some sort of planner. I love a physical planner so I can write down what posts are going live on which days. This is especially nice if I’m blogging ahead – I can look at my planner and see when I’m already posting something and then fill in the other days. If I know that I need to post something on a specific day, but I haven’t scheduled it yet, I’ll write down Schedule: Name of the Post on that particular day so I know to do the post still but also not to schedule another post on that day. If you don’t want to use a physical planner, there’s always something like Google Calendar/Google Docs that can help you keep track of what you need to post and when!

Seriously, you also don’t have to get fancy with your planners. Being decorative and artistic with planners are the rage these days, but don’t let that be daunting. You can also use those large desk calendars and plan out your days that way as well. The sky’s the limit. Just set aside some time and just plan!


Or if list making is your thing….


I love lists. I also utilize the outline method now (remember using those in school for research papers?) to plan out discussion posts or just coming up with titles. If you don’t remember how to write one just google “outline” and there are a ton of examples.


2. Mini Reviews for the Backlogged

Brittany over at perfectlytolerable.com says: If you get super behind on reviews and are starting to forget what the books are about, then consider getting caught up with a mini review post. You can stick all your backlog of book reviews into one post and write 3-4 sentences on what you thought about each book. That way you can get caught up and start with a clean slate. No more stressing about all the reviews you have to write! (I don’t know about you but stressing always makes me procrastinate more) Then with a clean slate and a new start you can work on staying on top of your new reviews.

I utilize this method as well and it totally works! Actually, I prefer doing mini reviews now more than anything. The reviews are short and sweet. It helps for books that came across as just “meh” as well. If there’s not much to talk about a short summary will do just wonders.

For an example of mini reviews check mine here.

3. The One About Scheduling Posts

Since I participate in blog tours I had a hard time scheduling my posts. It really doesn’t take that long to do but I always put it off. Maybe it was partly motivational issues, but one tip I can give regarding this is to start draft posts. Seeing all those drafts on my posts page makes me want to finish them. This can also go with starting discussion posts as well. It serves as a reminder that it needs to be done.


For those challenge inclined, try the Blog Ahead Challenge hosted by Anna at herdingcats-burningsoup.com.


4. Blog Hopping/Commenting

It’s always nice to see comments on a blog post. One thing that I’ve started to do is choose a designated day or days in the week to visit blogs and comment. It doesn’t have to be right away, but it won’t feel like I’m neglecting anything. I don’t want to make it seem like a duty as well.


Also, if I can’t find time during the day, night time commenting usually works for me. πŸ™‚ Choose what’s right for you. It might be some downtime during the day, or a break at work.

5. The One About Social Media

I’ve learned over time not to sign up for every social media site out there. The key to not feel overwhelmed is to be picky about where you socialize. I have my blog posts shared automatically to Facebook and Twitter. I did have it on Google +, but that’s soon to be discontinued.

Facebook for me is not really viable because you have to pay to get your posts to show, but I still would like my page to remain active, just to have it. It’s not really beneficial to a hobby blogger like myself. Twitter, is more active if you take the time to interact of course. There are many different social sites out there, but I wouldn’t go too crazy signing up for each and every one of them.


I hope some of these tips helped. Just remember, there is no shame in being a procrastiblogger, I’m still one in all honesty, but I’m slightly more organized now. πŸ™‚

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Do you have any tips for a procrastiblogger?

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Thanks for including me! These are all great tips. I really need to blog ahead more, and mini reviews can be super handy sometimes!



Scheduling is about the only thing that keeps me going haha! And I love the idea of mini- reviews… I need to do more of them!


You were describing ME! I run around like a headless chicken often trying to finish the day’s post. It is so frustrating. Now I live by a planner and hopefully I will have 5 posts on my drafts ready to be posted. Yes that is my target.

Mary Kirkland

I blog ahead. I have 60 posts written and ready to go right now. I also make lists.

Tanya @ Girl Plus Books

Great tips, Aleen! I’m a big fan of putting together some mini reviews in one post when I’m feeling especially backlogged. Such a time saver!


Great Post πŸ˜€ Thanks for including my advice!!! The rest of the advice is really great too! I use a list in my bullet journal haha. And I need to get better at setting aside time for blog hopping / commenting. I do it so randomly that it would probably help a lot to schedule it!

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