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Audiobook Mini Reviews: Boy Did They Pile Up

by Aleen @ Lampshade Reader

Having my audio book reviews pile up made me realize how many I already listened to this year. Considering my rather poor reading year prior, this is an actual accomplishment for me. I even stepped out of my genre comfort zone for a Sci-Fi book. This isn’t all of the audio books featured but I didn’t want to over do it.


As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales From the Making of The Princess Bride

as you wish

One can’t argue that The Princess Bride is one of the best movies out there  (okay, maybe you can argue that fact), but to finally know the behind the scenes, making of, one of my favorites, I couldn’t help pick this up. Also, having a major crush on Cary Elwes helped as well.

Cary Elwes narrates his own remembrances and stories. Heartfelt and oftentimes funny, his anecdotes really spoke to the fan-girl within me.  His nervousness meeting the awesome director Rob Reiner, his crush on Robin Wright (Buttercup), his awe for Andre the Giant, and his grueling training in sword fighting, really brought the movie alive in a whole new light.

Sometimes the other actors from the movie themselves spoke about their sides of the story as well, so that was a treat.

It made me want to watch the movie all over again with fresh eyes. There truly is a certain magic to making movies.

This is a must listen (or read if you want) for die hard fans of The Princess Bride.



As You Wish

Audiobook Mini Reviews: Boy Did They Pile Up
by Cary Elwes
Narrator: Cary Elwes
Length: 7 hrs 1 minute
Published by Simon Schuster Audio
on October 14th, 2014
Genres: Movie History
Format: Audio Book
Source: Bought
Purchase: Amazon
Narration Rating:5 stars

Rating: 5 Stars



From actor Cary Elwes, who played the iconic role of Westley in The Princess Bride, comes a first-person account and behind-the-scenes look at the making of the cult classic film filled with never-before-told stories and interviews with costars Robin Wright, Wallace Shawn, Billy Crystal, Christopher Guest, and Mandy Patinkin, as well as author and screenwriter William Goldman, producer Norman Lear, and director Rob Reiner.

The Princess Bride has been a family favorite for close to three decades. Ranked by the American Film Institute as one of the top 100 Greatest Love Stories and by the Writers Guild of America as one of the top 100 screenplays of all time, The Princess Bride will continue to resonate with audiences for years to come.

Cary Elwes was inspired to share his memories and give fans an unprecedented look into the creation of the film while participating in the twenty-fifth anniversary cast reunion. In As You Wish he has created an enchanting experience; in addition to interviews with his fellow cast mates, there are plenty of set secrets and backstage stories.

With a foreword by Rob Reiner, As You Wish is a must-have for all fans of this beloved film.

The full list of narrators includes: Cary Elwes, Christopher Guest, Carol Kane, Norman Lear, Rob Reiner, Chris Sarandon, Andy Scheinman, Wallace Shawn, Robin Wright, and Billy Crystal.

Audiobook memoir icon tag smart and funny

Alien: Out of the Shadows

alien out of the shadows

This audiobook is perfect for Alien’s fans and Sci-Fi readers alike. It takes place right after the first Alien movie ends. Ripley has been in cryo sleep for over 30 years.

Listening to this was like watching a movie, but better. There were realistic sound effects that didn’t distract from the storytelling at all. It’s hard to talk about this book because everything could be a spoiler, but it stays true to what Alien is and always will be: characters that you like will die. It’s a sad fact but that’s how gorey stories go.

I gotta say the woman who voices Ripley’s character sounds exactly like Sigourney Weaver that I had to double check to make sure it wasn’t her.

Rutger Hauer (for fans of Blade Runner) is perfect in his role. This series written by Tim Lebbon is considered canon.




This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

Alien: Out of the Shadows

Audiobook Mini Reviews: Boy Did They Pile Up
by Tim Lebbon
Length: 4 hours 28 minutes
Series: Canonical Alien Trilogy #1
Published by Audible Audio
on April 26th, 2016
Genres: Science Fiction
Format: Audio Book
Source: Bought
Purchase: Amazon
Narration Rating:5 stars

Rating: 5 Stars



As a child, Chris Hooper dreamed of monsters. But in deep space, he found only darkness and isolation. Then, on planet LV178, he and his fellow miners discovered a storm-scoured, sand-blasted hell - and trimonite, the hardest material known to man.

When a shuttle crashes into the mining ship Marion, the miners learn that there was more than trimonite deep in the caverns. There was evil, hibernating and waiting for suitable prey. Hoop and his associates uncover a nest of Xenomorphs, and hell takes on a new meaning. Quickly they discover that their only hope lies with the unlikeliest of saviors....

Ellen Ripley, the last human survivor of the salvage ship Nostromo.

Audiobook SciFi Series

The Underdog and Other Stories

the under dog and other stories by agatha christie

I’m a sucker for David Suchet as Hercule Poirot. Hands down the best actor to portray that role. So naturally when I saw that he was narrating this audiobook, it was an instant buy for me.

Kind of fun knowing that the actor that plays Colonel Hastings was also in it. But! Not all of the short stories were narrated by Suchet. Not a total disappointment but it was weird that Hugh Fraser took on the Poirot role.

Anyway, these were fun short stories. The only complaint I had was that they kind of ended abruptly right before the next story fired up. They totally could have been longer. I really couldn’t tell you one that really stood out to me from this set, but I did enjoy it for what it was worth.


The Under Dog and Other Stories

Audiobook Mini Reviews: Boy Did They Pile Up
by Agatha Christie
Narrator: David Suchet, Hugh Fraser
Length: 5 hours 54 minutes
Published by HarperAudio
on August 14th, 2012
Genres: Mystery
Format: Audio Book
Source: Bought
Purchase: Amazon
Narration Rating:5 stars

Rating: 4 Stars



A beautiful heiress has been found dead on a train. A playboy has been stabbed through the heart during a costume ball. An elderly woman suspects that she is being slowly poisoned to death. A prince fears for his reputation when his fiancée is embroiled in another man's murder. A forgotten recluse makes headlines after he is shot in the head.

Who but Agatha Christie could concoct such canny crimes? Who but Belgian detective Hercule Poirot could possibly solve them? It's a challenge to be met - in a triumph of detection.

Audiobook Series

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Sophia Rose

Great that you’re off to a fab start with your audiobooks. I love David Suchet as Poirot. I have a Chronicles of Narnia book he narrated. I’ll have to check this one out.


I won’t argue that The Princess bride is one of the best movies <3 I have that book but I haven't read it yet. And now that I know who it is narrated by I might have to listen to it instead of reading it 😀 Great review!

Katherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library

I loved As You Wish and it definitely made me want to rewatch the movie – or course that’s never a hardship! The Agatha Christie short story collection is one of my favorites though I can see how it’d be a bit concerting to have Hastings suddenly turn into Poirot! I do love Frasier’s voice though so hopefully now that I’m prepared it won’t be too distracting!

Mary Kirkland

I love the Alien movies so I guessing that I probably would have enjoyed that audiobook too.

Tanya @ Girl Plus Books

I keep meaning to pick up As You Wish and keep forgetting! The Princess Bride is a total classic. Last fall there was an event locally where Cary did a talk (about the book), answered some questions, and then there was a showing of the movie. I meant to go but it just didn’t work out.

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