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Top 5 Reasons: The Corpse Played Dead by Georgina Clarke

by Aleen @ Lampshade Reader

The Corpse Played Dead by Georgina Clarke doesn’t release until August, but I just couldn’t wait to tell everyone how much this series is impacting me so far. Book 2 in the Lizzie Hardwicke series and it’s already shaping up to be one of my favorites. Below is the Top 5 Reasons why I loved The Corpse Played Dead.


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1. Lizzie Hardwick is a harlot.

I’m a sucker for unconventional heroines and Lizzie Hardwicke had me from the very beginning. She’s as unconventional as they come and it’s a lot of fun reading about someone who doesn’t really have the “hero/heroine” qualities.

“I am not averse to flattery. This is a serious flaw in my character and I really should excise it.”

Don’t worry though. Her profession is not always in the forefront and does not go into much detail.

2. Georgian Era

I don’t get to read a lot of historical fiction novels set in this time period. What with the men wearing powdered wigs and all it’s hard to feel romantic about that. But it works well with murder and mystery. Also, the atmosphere tends to revolve around the lower class citizens which makes for a more grittier read.

3. Undercover Shenanigans

Lizzie foregoes her bawdy house to play a little undercover detective at the Drury Lane theater as a seamstress. Her little white lies to the inhabitants does go a little too far and it puts Lizzie in danger quite a few times. So the added drama of her being in disguise it quite thrilling. It was also funny to read the dialogue between Lizzie and her fellow harlot acquaintances when they help her put together her disguise. Fun times indeed.

4. Amateur Sleuthiness

Yes, I understand that sleuthiness is not a real word. The fact that Lizzie is in fact an amateur sleuth slash harlot really is the perfect combo. She’s not really good at it, but I love that in the end, it all works out.


5. Drury Lane Theater

The setting is what really made this fun. I could almost smell the mustiness of the dressing rooms and the dark hallways. The first murder really put in perspective the dangers and pitfalls to any theater set. That death was the perfect dramatic scene and frankly I did not feel sorry for the victim.

Overall, this was a quick, fast paced read for me. Lizzie Hardwicke is really pushing her way to the top of my favorite characters list.

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I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

The Corpse Played Dead

Top 5 Reasons: The Corpse Played Dead by Georgina Clarke
by Georgina Clarke
Series: Lizzie Hardwicke #2
Also in this series: Death and the Harlot
Published by Canelo
on August 19th, 2019
Genres: Amateur Sleuths, Fiction, Historical Fiction, Mystery & Detective, Suspense, Women Sleuths
Format: e-book
Source: NetGalley
Purchase: Amazon
Rating: 5 Stars



‘All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players…’

When an undercover assignment for the Bow Street magistrate sees prostitute Lizzie Hardwicke trade Ma Farley’s Bawdy House in Soho for life as a seamstress the theatre on Drury Lane, it becomes clear quite quickly - what goes on in the wings is much more intriguing than the theatrics being played out on stage…

Soon Lizzie is once again thrown together with the handsome Inspector Will Davenport when a high profile investor is brutally hanged at centre stage and Lizzie discovers the body. With the suspect list rivalling any casting call, Lizzie will have to use every trick she’s hidden up her sleeves to unravel the tangled threads and bring the culprit into the spotlight.

ARC Historical Series Suspense



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trin carl

The Corpse plays dead sounds fantastic. Can’t wait to go and read it.

Crystal @ Lost in Storyland

It sounds like there are some fun elements to this book! I love unconventional heroes / heroines and unique settings 🙂

Mary Kirkland

I haven’t read this type of book in a long time. It does sound good though.

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