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Dragon Quest XI: Top 9 Monsters Too Cute To Slay

by Aleen @ Lampshade Reader

Gamer Review Graphic-Dragon Quest XI

Dragon Quest XI is going down as one of my favorite RPGs of all time. The storyline was great and the characters were endearing. But one of the main parts that stole my heart were the monsters. Why in the heck would the creators make monsters so cute? I mean really, I’m supposed to kill them.

Although there weren’t that many types of monsters and some just varied colors as the story progressed, it was still fun fighting the little cuties. Makes me wonder, am I the monster for wanting to do that?

Here are the top 9 monsters in Dragon Quest XI that are too cute to slay.


No.1-Pine Needlers

Dragon Quest XI Pine Needlers

These little guys are one of the first monsters you get to fight and I was blown away with the detail. I mean, come on! They have needles for weapons and their bodies are made of what looks to be cotton. TOO CUTE.


No. 2- Hat Hamwitches

Dragon Quest XI Hamwitches

Their name alone is cute. I came across these cuties in the The Royal Library. While I loved that level because of the book theme, I loved these pigs who wore witches hats even more.


No.3- Crack-billed PlatypunksDragon Quest XI Crack-billed Platypunks

Haha, yes, the Platypunks. Enough said, just look at them.


No.4- Silver SabrecubsDragon Quest XI Silver Sabrecubs

Why, game developers, WHY!? Why would you make “monsters” that looked like them? It broke my heart having to fight them. But oh well, I needed the experience….


No.5- Slime Knights

Dragon Quest XI Slime Knights

Clever. Just look at their shields. Details people, that’s what won me over.


No.6- Drake Slimes

Dragon Quest XI Drake Slimes

Probably my favorite from the slime family of monsters. At least they were more challenging their their little blue counterparts.


No.7- Drakolytes

Dragon Quest XI Drackolytes

T H E. F A N G S.


No.8- Heal Slimes

Dragon Quest XI Healslimes

I love their stoopid faces…


No.9- Khalamari Kids

Dragon Quest XI Healslimes

Yeah, not scary at all. I loved the pink version of these little guys. Those conch shell weapons though…


There you have it. Dragon Quest XI’s top 9 monsters too cute to slay. I gotta say my favorite is the Hat Hamwitches.

Do tell header

Which one do you think is the cutest?


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Crystal @ Lost in Storyland

This is a fun post! I agree that these monsters look too cute to kill. My top picks would have to be #4 and #5. #4 because furbabies and #5 because the slimes are smiling too happily.


This is fun! I like the sabrecubs myself. 🙂 And yeah they would be hard to kill! All of these really.


So cute! My daughter is currently obsessing over the new Pokemon game and she keeps showing me the little creatures from there. I love that these games feature such cute monsters.

Mary Kirkland

I don’t play games but those are cute monsters.

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